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HFCVD System HF600


This equipment adopts hot filament chemical vapor deposition technology,  and it has been used in many domestic hot filament production of diamond production lines. The device has produced the large size flake polycrystalline diamond thick film, filled the domestic blank, and received a very considerable economic benefits. This series of equipment is suitable for industrial production, scientific research, teaching and product pilot use.



For the growth of millimeter-grade diamond thick film, diamond film, diamond-like film, silicon nitride and silicon oxide film, etc.. On the cutting tools, drill bits, taps and other material surfaces deposit diamond film.


Technical Parameters:

Equipment Name HFCVD (Hot Filament Assisted CVD) System
Model HF600
Chamber Structure Vertical front door structure, rear pumping system, double-layer water cooling
Chamber Size Φ600×H500mm
Substrate Holder Size Φ200mm
Substrate Temperature 600~1100℃ (1112~2012℉)
Power Supply DC
Control Method PLC Control / IPC automatic control (optional)
Occupied Area (Mainframe) L1700×W1080×H1900mm
Power ≥50Kw


Application: Suitable for all units of laboratories, colleges and universities laboratories, teaching and other projects of scientific research, product pilot use.