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Decorative Film Coating ZDM1200


High-end decorative and functional film mainstream design are used medium frequency magnetron sputtering coating technology, effectively solves the target of abnormal sparking,  anode disappeared in the coating process, etc. problems, forms uniform, dense and excellent adhesion of finished films. Our company independently developed full-automatic control system can achieve one-button operation, suitable for high-end decorative functional coating stablely and continuously production.



Suitable for plating golden, silver, rose, rose gold, black, silver-white, blue, ice blue, rosy, peacock green, DLC, etc. various of decorative films on the surface of high-end decorative products (watchcase, watchband, golf-club head, safe box and other hardwares), electronic products (phone case, internal components, 3C accessories, kitchenware, ect.), ceramic electrode, ceramic PCB, industrial anti-corrosion coating (bathroom products), etc..


Technical Parameters:

Equipment Name Decorative Film Coating Equipment
Model ZDM1200
Chamber Size Φ1200×H1200mm
Vacuum System Domestic or imported molecular pump / diffusion pump + roots pump + mechanical pump high-vacuum system
Ultimate Vacuum Higher than 2.0×10-4Pa
Pumping Speed From atmospheric pressure to 3.3×10-3Pa≤30mins, pressure rising rate of vacuum value≤10Pa (after power off 12 hours)
Workpiece Rest Size 12-24 Workstations (optional)
Workpiece Baking Temperature Room temperature to 200℃ (392℉), adjustable and controllable (PID control temperature)
Configuration Arc source, cylindrical target, rectangular target, ion source, bias voltage (optional)
System Full-automatic control system, personalized Tech-Coating control menu, safety protection system
Occupied Area Length 4m × Width 3m