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Hard Film Coating GDM900


This equipment adopts full-automatic control method and advanced technological process mode, with stable and reliable performance, easy to operation. Integrated with advanced new type of arc source coating technology and ion-assisted pretreatment coating technology, high-quality, dense film, excellent adhesion and high hardness of hard coating can be plated, greatly extends the service life of tools and cutting tools. This equipment integrated international leading technology and the performance is domestic leading.



This equipment can be used to preparation of TiN \ CrN \ AlCrN \ ZrN \ TiC \ TiCN \ TiAlN \ TiAlCN \ DLC and so on films. Perfectly suitable for manufacturing enterprise to plate single layer or multi-layer of hard coating, corrosion-resistant coating and other functional films on the cutting tools (drill, milling cutter, broach, tap, hob cutter, etc.), high precision molds (stamping die, shearing die, forming mold, injection mold, etc.) and other critical components with large volumes.


Technical Parameters:

Equipment Name Hard Film Coating Equipment
Model GDM900
Chamber Size Φ900×H930mm
Vacuum System Domestic or imported molecular pump + roots pump + mechanical pump high-vacuum system
Ultimate Vacuum Higher than 8.0×10-5Pa
Pumping Speed From atmospheric pressure to 5×10-3Pa≤25mins, pressure rising rate of vacuum value≤10Pa (after power off 12 hours)
Workpiece Rest Size 8-12 Workstations, 2 sets of 3-axis linkage workpiece rests, equipped with dedicated tool cart
Workpiece Baking Temperature Room temperature to 500℃ (932℉), adjustable and controllable (PID control temperature)
Configuration New type of arc source, ion source, bias voltage
System Full-automatic control system, personalized Tech-Coating control menu, safety protection system
Occupied Area Length 4m × Width 3m