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Annealing Furance VTHK350


High vacuum value, high baking temperature, high control accuracy and high stability.



1. Suitable for silicon, silicon steel, soft magnetic materials, copper alloy and other materials of bright annealing;
2. High-speed steel, die steel, tool steel, alloy steel, titanium alloy, etc.. bright tempering after the quenching ;
3. Under the high vacuum protection state to braze the diamond tools, electronic components and so on.


Technical Parameters:

Equipment Name Vacuum Annealing Furnace
Model VTHK350
Chamber Structure Stainless steel double-layer water cooling
Chamber Size Φ350×L550mm
Furnace Size Φ120×L300mm
Isothermal Region Size Φ105×L120mm
Baking Temperature Room temperature to 1200℃ (2192℉), adjustable and controllable
Control Method PLC Control / IPC automatic control (optional)
Occupied Area (Mainframe) L1500×W700×H1650mm
Power ≥15Kw


Application: It is widely used in the research and small batch preparation of new film materials for colleges & universities, research institutes and enterprises.