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Thermal Evaporator ZHD300


1. Integrated design, less occupied area, competitive price, stable performance and low maintenance costs;
2. Equipped with 2 groups of evaporation sources, compatible with organic evaporation and inorganic evaporation, multi-source co-evaporation obtain composite film / partial evaporation obtain multi-layer film, powerful and stable performance;
3. Suitable for laboratory preparation of metal mono film, semiconductor film, organic film, also can be used for pre-production process test, etc.;
4. Suitable for organic combination of evaporation coating and glove box environment, to achieve evaporation, encapsulation, testing and other process seamless docking, widely used in perovskite solar cell / OPV organic solar cell, OLED film and other research systems, etc..


Technical Parameters:

Equipment Name Thermal Evaportation System
Model ZHD300
Coating Method Thermal evaporation
Chamber Structure Glass bell jar + stainless steel base
Chamber Size Φ300×H360mm
Baking Temperature Room temperature to 300℃ (572℉)
Rotating Substrate Holder Φ100mm
Substrate Holder Lift Fixed
Film Thickness Nonuniformity Within the Ø80mm substrate holder range≤±5.0%
Evaporation Source 2 Groups of metal sources
Control Method PLC control
Occupied Area (Mainframe) L1180×W800×H1180mm
Power ≥3.2Kw


Application: It is widely used in the research and small batch preparation of new film materials for colleges & universities, research institutes and enterprises.