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Supttering System JCPY500


1. Dual-use sputtering and evaporation function, less occupied area, competitive price, stable performance and low maintenance costs;
2. Can be used for the preparation of single and multi-layer metal film, dielectric film, semiconductor film, magnetic film, sensor film, heat-resistant alloy film, hard film, corrosion-resistant film, etc.;
3. Coating samples: silver, aluminum, copper, nickel, chromium, nickel-chromium alloy, titanium oxide, ITO, silica, etc.;
4. Single target sputtering, multi-target sputtering in turns, multi-target sputtering simultaneously and so on functions.


Technical Parameters:

Equipment Name Magnetron Sputtering System
Model JCPY500
Chamber Structure Vertical front door structure, rear pumping system, double-layer water cooling
Chamber Size Φ500×H450mm, with Load-Lock function, supports taking in / out single or multiple substrates
Baking Temperature Room temperature to 500℃ (932℉)
Sputtering Path Upward
Rotating Substrate Holder Φ150mm
Film Thickness Nonuniformity Within the scope of Φ100mm≤±5.0%
Sputtering Target / Evaporation Electrode 2~4 Pcs of Φ2, Φ3, Φ4 Inches magnetron targets (optional)
Process Gas 3 Routes gas flow control
Control Method PLC Control / IPC automatic control (optional)
Occupied Area (Mainframe) L1800×W800×H1845mm
Power ≥15Kw


Application: It is widely used in the research and small batch preparation of new film materials for colleges & universities, research institutes and enterprises.