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After-sales Service

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In order to better serve customers, Technol extends our business to undertake the maintenance and service business of vacuum products. They include the following:


Ⅰ. External process services and technical support:


1. Pre-sales experiment proofing (including decorative, functional, tools and other coatings);

2. Small batch production services;

3. High quality technical support;


Ⅱ. Equipment on-site service:


1. Equipment modification, recovery, etc;

2. Equipment relocation;


Ⅲ. Sales of consumables and parts:


1. All kinds of targets and daily consumables and wearing parts sales;

2. Re-processing of equipment components;

3. Film thickness monitor, viewing window, magnetic target and other vacuum components sales;


Technol adhering to the "Being an vacuum expert, help customers create value" the guiding idea, and actively seize the opportunities for development, prudent in the enterprising, innovation in progress, beyond innovation, to provide users with professional, timely and thoughtful products, technology and maintenance services, all-round shape of China's new vacuum image, sincerely welcome new and old customers to negotiate cooperation!